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Roman Tishkin

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5 rules of a good landing page

0_3.png 23.10.2023

When you need to quickly sell a product or service and make advertising on the Internet effective and selling, you need a landing page or landing page.

The landing page is designed to convey information about your products and services to the consumer as quickly and clearly as possible and push him to immediately purchase or register for an event. There are many articles on the web about what the structure should be, what elements and buttons are needed. Today we will talk about those things that developers sometimes do not pay attention to in vain. So, 5 rules of a good landing page.

##1. Landing is your showroom

Imagine that the landing page is your showroom, and its visitors are customers who have entered a boutique in a shopping center. What makes a boutique spectacular? Beautifully and neatly laid out goods, pleasant prices, unobtrusive competent sellers and a pleasant interior. Use this principle when developing a landing page.

##2. The landing page must match the advertisement

Given that the landing page is most often promoted using targeted and contextual advertising, make sure that the visitor to your page sees exactly what he expected to see. For example: if an advertisement talks about some special offer, then this information must be reflected in the landing page.

3. Design matters

The correct landing page structure, interesting content, USP and reviews are very important to pack in a beautiful shell. Millions of letters are written that very often a person makes a decision under the influence of an emotional background. And here, of course, it is important that the design corresponds to the theme and interests of the target audience. Landing page design is like the design of a showroom. No one will buy good things that are poorly laid out in an ugly room.

##4. Be brief and unobtrusive

Large “sheets" of text are not the best solution for your boarding. Structure the materials, give preference to graphic elements, use lists, split the text into concise blocks. The same goes for conversion elements. Everything is good in moderation. Saturation of your landing page with conversion buttons and feedback forms will not increase its effectiveness, but will only worsen perception and give it cheapness and create a feeling of “imposition". Three or four conversion buttons are quite enough for a full collection of leads. Usually annoying sellers in stores are not particularly liked. And your landing page should also not tire with endless “buy”, “order”, “call” and various pop-up elements.

5. Come out of the shadows

Trust is a key factor of business success. People buy goods from companies they trust. Therefore, even if your business is not built directly on communication with customers, specify contact details, address, direct phone numbers. It is extremely important for the consumer to know that he will be able to find you if something goes wrong.