design and branding

Skip the Tretyakov Gallery and the Louvre; our designs rival the masterpieces of world painting. We create strong brands, exclusive logos, and corporate identities that will define the face of your company.

Brand platform We are creating not just a brand platform, but a work of art where each element plays its role and together they create an amazing and unique impression. This is a story about passion, goals and beliefs, which makes the brand not just a product, but a living source of inspiration and emotions for everyone who meets it. Naming Stop puzzling over the perfect name! Entrust it to specially trained people. We will develop a company name that will not be subject to time, weather and the political situation in the world. Logo Bright as a pioneer tie and beautiful as a polar star! Perhaps this will be your new logo, but absolutely for sure — you will proudly put it on your business card, add it to the website and stick it on the laptop cover. Identity Would you like your business cards, letterheads, and advertising layouts to be talked about as among the best? We will develop a unique visual image that will be associated with your brand. Animated videos Perhaps you're not yet aware of how powerful an animated video can be for your company. Our professionals are ready to create animation and transform your ideas into expressive visual images that will leave a lasting impression on your clients. Contact us to discuss your project. Packaging Do you need your packaging to be noticed on the shelf? Then you are on the right page! We know a lot about the right, stylish and convenient packaging for your products. Catalog A catalog in which even a child will not get confused! Beautiful user-friendly, with clear navigation and high-quality illustrations. It remains only to print and hand over to customers. Calendar Desktop calendars that are perfect for your desktop. Flip calendars that help you easily keep track of dates and events. Pocket calendars, convenient for traveling and on the road. Presentations Impressive, enticing, fascinating! The presentation developed in our agency will definitely appeal to your audience. Highlight the advantages, highlight the main thing and bring beauty!




Like Cousteau's team exploring the ocean depths, we delve deep into your business, gathering extensive information to create designs that delight your customers.



You will receive three to five equally excellent design options for approval. Each one is meticulously crafted with dedication and care by our agency’s creative team.



At the conclusion of our project, the design will be of such high quality that it could be submitted to the Paris Chamber of Weights and Measures as a standard of beauty. You will also receive ready-to-use files and detailed guidelines.


And if you don't like it?

Our designers' work often brings tears of joy and bursts of euphoria to our clients. However, we are more than happy to refine the design based on your feedback to ensure your complete satisfaction.