Task Develop a Modern, Technological Brand


Quality is a young and dynamic Russian company that focuses on supporting the IT infrastructure of technology companies. The company's logo represents a symbiosis of the human and the technological: it combines sharp, precise lines with pixel graphics, making it the central element of the corporate style. This unique design not only highlights the company's technical specialization but also its commitment to innovation and modern solutions in the IT field.

This unique identity vividly reflects Quality company's innovative approach to technology, as well as their unwavering commitment to precision and high quality in every aspect of their operations.

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Bright turquoise is the key color of the Quality brand, which looks great on both light and dark backgrounds, giving the design a fresh, modern, and dynamic appearance. This color not only enhances visual perception but also emphasizes the company's innovative spirit.

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The distinctive elements of Quality company's corporate style include various geometric shapes with chamfered angles, adding a sense of innovation and technological sophistication. These elements are used extensively—from web design to print materials—strengthening brand recognition and emphasizing its uniqueness in the market.

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