Website Task Develop a website to launch a new blockchain project on the market, based on an innovative data transmission technology.

EHP Token website

Our client from Turkey, Enover Corporation, approached us to develop a website for promoting their new financial product based on a patented heat transfer technology. One of the key objectives set by the client was to reflect the positive impact of the product on the environment. Equally important was the demonstration of the product's attractiveness as a financial instrument.

On the designed page, we have incorporated eco-friendly accents in the form of botanical elements that contrast with the vibrant brand color. The website utilizes a significant amount of animated infographics aimed at highlighting the potential benefits of investing in the product. The adapted version of the site is fully functional and does not compromise on features compared to the desktop version. Graphics and animations for the adapted version are created separately. For instance, the horizontal scale in the desktop version is transformed into a vertical scale for the mobile version of the site. This way, we have achieved a high level of information perception on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

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