Task Authentic Italian Bakery Featuring Genuine Italian Design


One of the primary objectives of branding is to ensure product recognizability, often achieved by challenging conventional norms and traditions. For the bakery Panna Panini, we opted to deviate from traditional bakery color schemes, instead embracing simplicity and vibrant colors. The logo draws inspiration from Italian classics, specifically Ferrari cars and the renowned designs of Pininfarina, reflecting a blend of modernity and elegance.

Panna Panini логотип

The design for Panna Panini features a rich red color palette and the name 'Panna Panini' in a classic Italian style font. This approach combines simplicity with iconic Italian elegance.

Panna Panini — дизайн

We have developed a suite of advertising templates and promotional materials designed to enhance the exhibition hall's appearance and to effectively promote the new brand.

Дизайн постеров
Дизайн фартука

The bakery's design distinctly stands out against traditional baking styles, offering a unique and contemporary aesthetic.

Дизайн визиток