Task Development of Postcard Designs for VTB Company


Russian Romanticism: The postcards and invitations for VTB corporate clients attending a private screening of the painting titled 'Russian Romanticism' were meticulously designed with elegance and style in mind. They seamlessly blend elements of Russian Romanticism with VTB's corporate identity. The inspiration for this design stemmed from Ivan Aivazovsky's renowned masterpiece, 'Storm at Sea', symbolizing the power and grandeur of Russian nature.


The color palette of the design was meticulously chosen to mirror VTB's corporate colors, lending the postcards and invitations an official and easily recognizable appearance. Nevertheless, artistic elements were incorporated to accentuate the romantic essence of the event and its profound connection with the world of art.


The incorporation of VTB's corporate identity encompassed the utilization of its logo and official fonts, imparting a sense of cohesion and allure to the entire design. Consequently, the postcard and invitation cards seamlessly fused elements of Russian culture, art, and VTB's corporate style, culminating in a visually pleasing impression for corporate clients and event attendees.