Task The new restaurant 'Adjikinezhal' was successfully launched


It's cases like these when you can't help but love your job! Four months of delicious food, distinctive tart wines, and excellent results. The new restaurant 'Adjikinezhal' has thrived, thanks to targeted advertising and skilled social media management.


We consistently updated the restaurant's social media pages with fresh photos of dishes, engaging stories about culinary traditions, and updates on current events. Additionally, we maintained active interactions with our followers, answering questions, expressing gratitude for feedback, and welcoming new customers.


We regularly analyzed the data from our advertising campaigns, making strategic adjustments based on our insights. This proactive approach enabled us to enhance the effectiveness of our advertising efforts and optimize our budget allocation.


We identified the demographic groups most likely to visit our restaurant, considering factors such as age, gender, interests, and location. We developed creative and enticing promotional materials, including photos of our dishes and videos showcasing cooking techniques, along with information on current offers and discounts. We chose Instagram, Facebook, and other effective advertising platforms to reach our target audience.

аджика копия.png