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High technology is a field where it's essential to always stay at the forefront of innovation, including in terms of modern, stylish design. The main goal of our rebranding was to maintain brand recognition while giving the company's logo and corporate style a more contemporary look. We transformed the original three comets into one upward-striving comet, symbolizing our rapid and relentless growth in the field of high technology.

The high-tech industry requires constant presence at the forefront of innovation and style. During our rebranding, our task was to maintain the brand's recognizability while giving it a more modern and stylish appearance. The original three comets, symbolizing dynamism and innovation, were transformed into one comet soaring upwards. This change emphasizes our goal of striving for leadership and progress in the field of high technology.

Логотип Netwell

The modern styling and the upward trajectory of the comet in our logo are designed to highlight the brand's technological sophistication and innovative spirit, as well as its consistent ambition to lead the industry.

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Каталог Netwell

The comet shape chosen for our logo not only symbolizes aspiration and dynamism but also proves exceptionally convenient for decorating various surfaces and branding corporate materials. Its versatility and recognizability make this element particularly valuable in the marketing strategy of our brand.

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Souvenir items such as t-shirts, mugs, and badges adorned with the Netwell company logo serve as a powerful tool for attracting attention to the brand. Using these items in everyday life not only increases Netwell's recognizability but also helps to build a positive image of the company among a wide audience.