VK page Task Comprehensive management of social networks for the "Color of Mood" chain of flower shops.

Mood color

Your highlight is the color of your mood! Everyone has their own color—blue, orange, red, purple—and it often changes from day to day. This is especially true for girls; today's color might be one, and tomorrow's another!

Смм для цветочного салона.jpg

The vibrant colors truly come to life, something we hadn't fully appreciated until we partnered with the flower boutique chain 'Color of Mood'. They entrusted us with their social media marketing.

While searching for a unique hook to engage our followers, it hit us: in today's world, we don’t need a special occasion to give gifts. Indeed, countless coaches recommend treating ourselves—and doing so frequently! It turns out that flowers equal mood. 💜 It's incredibly easy to lift your spirits or brighten someone else's day with flowers!


It turned out the solution was right in front of us, and we seized the opportunity. This led to a new focal point in our social media marketing—a catchy slogan and the hashtag #NoReasonNeededForColors.

Our collaboration with the 'Color of Mood' flower salon network brims with creativity; it's truly exhilarating! We frequently organize photo and video shoots, select models, design their looks, and write scripts and copy.

A large team is dedicated to this project, and we sincerely hope that our partner is thrilled with the results as much as we are.