VK page Task Комплексное ведение социальных сетей сети цветочных магазинов «Цвет Настроения»

Mood color

Your highlight is the color of mood! Everyone has their own color — blue, orange, red, purple. Moreover, often — today the color is one, tomorrow the second! Especially girls!

Смм для цветочного салона.jpg

And all this is very clearly reflected in the living colors. And we didn't even think about it until we made friends with the flower boutique chain "Color of Mood". The guys entrusted us with marketing on social networks.

In the process of searching for some kind of anchor for followers, it dawned on us - but now, in the modern world, we don't need a reason for gifts at all. Moreover, thousands of coaches strongly recommend giving them to themselves and as often as possible! It turns out that flowers = mood.💜 And it's very easy to raise it for yourself or your loved ones!


The obvious turned out to be on the surface, and we took advantage of it. So there was an accent in the SMM boutique — a new slogan with the corresponding hashtag #tsvetamnenuzhenpovod.

Our work with the network of flower salons "Color of Mood" is full of creativity, we just get high! We often organize photo and video shoots, select models, create images for them, write scripts and texts.

A large team is working on the project and we really hope that our partner also gets a buzz — from the result.