Task Branding for 'Ne Hochu Gotovit,' a Quality Food Restaurant

Ne Hochu Gotovit

The concept of the restaurant centers on the rapid preparation of high-quality dishes, catering perfectly to those with fast-paced lifestyles and those who value their time. Our role encompassed comprehensive branding, with naming as one of the initial phases. The name 'Ne Hochu Gotovit,' which stands out as both intriguing and unconventional, perfectly matched the restaurant's concept.

Парень с пакетами Не хочу готовить

The logo for the restaurant features a sloth hanging from a rolling pin set against the backdrop of fried eggs. This charming animal symbolizes warmth and the appeal of not cooking for oneself.

Логотип Не хочу готовить

We have developed a comprehensive design for the packaging, uniforms, and other elements of the corporate identity for the restaurant, including stickers, business cards, and signage.

Логотип Не хочу готовить
Логотип  Не хочу готовить Визитка Не хочу готовить Кружка Не хочу готовить