Task Brand Development for a Healthy Natural Drink


Arkhangelsk Jams specializes in crafting unique natural beverages. Among our offerings is a honey drink boasting a remarkable array of beneficial properties. We've developed a comprehensive brand strategy, including a distinctive name, logo, and corporate identity, centered around the product's key concept: natural energy and a wholesome alternative to traditional energy drinks.

Бренд платформа для Шмеллера

The drink's name, 'Schmeller,' is entirely unique, evoking a personal identity while speaking to the natural origins of the beverage. Alongside the name and logo, we've developed a character for the brand—a lively and amiable bear cub, known for its love of honey. This character features prominently on labels and in advertising communications, adding a friendly and memorable touch to the brand.

 Футболка и банка Шмеллер
Крышка от бутылки Шмеллер

The design incorporates branded identity elements, including a floral ornament, with the signature color being bright yellow, traditionally associated with honey. For 'Schmeller,' we've developed branded packaging, printed materials, and a comprehensive brand guide to ensure consistent and effective brand representation.

Бутылки Шмеллер
Брендплатформа Шмеллер