Task Develop a logo and corporate identity to bring a new technological brand to the market.


EHP is an innovative heat transfer technology developed by Enover, a Turkish technology corporation. The owners of the company have high expectations for this technology, given its potential to address the global energy crisis and contribute to a cleaner planet. We are committed to crafting a modern and stylish brand that reflects these ambitions.


In our corporate style, we have chosen saturated, vibrant, and contrasting colors. These three colors blend seamlessly, ensuring our brand remains easily recognizable.

A corporate element that resembles a heating element and symbolizes the letter 'E' can be incorporated into the design, complementing the logo.


All EHP souvenir products are meticulously crafted, adhering to high standards of quality and design. This approach underscores the company's modern and stylish image, while effectively conveying its core message: a commitment to innovation in energy conservation and environmental sustainability.


In addition, we have curated a range of branded souvenir products under the EHP umbrella, acknowledging their potential as powerful tools for promoting the company's brand. These items help foster brand recognition and cultivate a positive image within the market. Everyone who uses or receives such souvenirs effectively becomes an ambassador for advancing EHP’s mission.