Task Develop a logo and corporate identity to bring a new technological brand to the market.


EHP is an innovative heat transfer technology of the Turkish technology corporation Enover. The company's owners have high hopes for this technology, because it can solve the global energy crisis and make our planet cleaner. And we have made every effort and created a modern and stylish brand.


In the corporate style, we decided to use saturated, bright and contrasting colors. All three colors can be combined without losing brand awareness.

A corporate element can be used in the design. It, as well as the logo, is a symbol "E", made in the style of a heating element.


All EHP souvenir products are developed in compliance with high quality and design standards. It emphasizes the modern and stylish look of the company, and also conveys its main message - the desire for innovation in the field of energy conservation and environmental sustainability.


We have also developed branded souvenir products EHP, because it serves as a powerful tool for promoting the company's brand. Helps recognition and establishment of a positive image in the market. Everyone who uses or receives such souvenirs becomes an intermediary in promoting the EHP mission.