Task The concept of extending city–format surfaces for the Kalita advertising agency

RA Kalita

In order for free surfaces not to look boring, but to attract attention and cause advertisers to place themselves on them as soon as possible, we have developed a series of layouts for the Kalita advertising agency. A bright corporate color and a joyful smiley face will certainly make you take a look at this advertisement.


The main slogan of this campaign is "advertising with a face". A play on words and a reflection of the essence of the outdoor advertising agency's product.


To implement it, several variants of the smile were created, which will be placed on the agency's free surfaces in different parts of the city.

The main idea of the company is to humanize the advertising structure. As a result, the standard city format has turned into a bright little man with a lot of faces that attract attention and make the city a little brighter and more beautiful.