Task We've developed the 'Area Travel' brand for an exceptional travel agency.

Area Travel

Traveling to unknown places embodies true romance and the spirit of discovery. It's an exploration of the unknown, an encounter with unseen beauties of nature and cultural treasures—a journey where each step unfolds a new chapter in the book of adventures.

Inspired by the romance and spirit of discovery, we infused all these indescribable emotions into the Area Travel brand. Through our hard work, we not only developed the company name but also crafted a logo that visually embodies our ideas. The main symbol of the brand is the silhouette of a soaring eagle, illuminated by the last rays of the setting sun. This image evokes clear lines, powerful and widespread eagle wings, and intense bright colors, filling the brand with an atmosphere of real adventure and the spirit of freedom.

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Логотип Area Travel

We've also created a set of branded souvenirs for Area Travel customers to cherish memories of their unique travels. Each souvenir item carries a piece of the romance and delight found only in unexplored corners of the world.

 Кружка Area Travel.png

We've also placed special emphasis on developing corporate materials to ensure that each client feels like a part of a captivating story. Clothing items such as T-shirts, jackets, and hats serve to complement the image of the traveler, with our logo becoming an integral part of every explorer's outfit. Even our packaging embodies our dedication to research and the spirit of discovery, further enhancing the experience we provide to our clients.

Бейсболка Area Travel