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Krasnyj panczyr smm

Losing is not an option! It’s astonishing how often some 'SMM specialists' misplace a comma with their actions. Working with an already successful project always doubles the responsibility. In such cases, it's crucial not only to maintain the interest of followers but also to enrich their experience with fresh emotions and, consequently, inspire new actions.

СММ Раковарна

Our agency has a rich portfolio of successful projects, and I’d like to share a standout example. 'Red Shell,' a leader in seafood delivery to Ufa, entrusted us with their social media management. The challenge was familiar: expand the follower base and boost their conversion into actionable engagement. However, the critical factor was the existing wide and active audience on the company’s accounts.


From the outset, it's crucial to accurately assess the current state before devising a strategy that transforms the 'after' into something truly impressive. And I'm thrilled to report, we're succeeding. Our strategy includes a well-balanced content plan featuring daily stories and reels that engage without overwhelming.

Behind the scenes, we dedicate hours to brainstorming, copywriting, filming, and editing. It's a bustling, creative endeavor that everyone enjoys. Our partner, blessed with a great sense of humor, embraces all our bold ideas. Our shoots are like a comedy series—dynamic, explosive, and always a hit!

We handle every aspect of the project in-house—from conceptualization to execution—ensuring quality by relying on our top-notch team.

Overall, the revamp has been a triumph, leaving the client delighted. Yet, we're brimming with more ideas and eager to continue our creative journey