Company Website Task Advertising Campaign for the Launch of Ufa's First Georgian Street Food


Opening a restaurant or cafe is a complex and costly endeavor. It involves choosing the right location, selecting staff, and purchasing equipment—just a few of the myriad tasks a restaurateur must tackle for a successful launch. However, all these efforts would be in vain without customers. The owners of Cafe Nino&The Cats approached us to help introduce their new establishment to the city's residents and ensure a successful project launch. Despite a limited budget, we successfully generated high demand for their offerings and attracted several thousand active followers to their Instagram account.

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Even with a small budget, excellent results can be achieved. This is contingent upon the promoted product being of high quality and in demand, and the company owner being prepared to boost sales with attractive special offers.

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Thanks to high audience engagement and the word-of-mouth effect, we achieved substantial organic reach with minimal promotional effort.

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Compelling content, a high-quality product, and skillful promotion enabled us to gain 2,000 genuine subscribers in just a few weeks, without resorting to deceptive tactics like buying followers or mass following.

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