SHOWIN landing page Task An updated version of the image landing page we developed for SHOW IN Moscow.

"SHOWIN 2.0"

Time does not stand still, and eventually, every product requires updates to align with new trends in design, technology, and user interaction. A few years ago, we developed a landing page for SHOW IN Moscow. Now, it's time to introduce the second version of this project.

Лендинг SHOWIN

We have retained the general style of the landing page and the key elements of the brand identity, including the branded circles. However, we completely redesigned interface elements such as icons, text blocks, and active components, giving the design a modern and stylish appearance.

1 (6).png
2 (5).png

The style of the page continues to reflect the spirit of the company—its commitment to creating atmospheric events of the highest caliber.

3 (6).png

The updated image landing page has become a powerful tool for promoting the SHOW IN Moscow brand, capturing customer attention and highlighting the company's modern vision.

5 (5).png

We have equipped the landing page with an adaptive design to ensure it displays correctly across various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

4 (6).png