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Roman Tishkin

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6 rules of effective advertising

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Yes, yes, you can find a lot of such writing on the Internet, but everything here has been tested by bitter and sweet experience. Something may seem trivial and obvious, but these are the things that work. It's a banal thing, but you need to be noticed. Not an easy task, given the amount of advertising oozing from everywhere. The main thing here is not to be afraid to tear up templates and abandon the usual submission formats. For example, when placing ads in an elevator, we do not try to use 100% of the paid space, but make a white frame along the contour of the layout specifically to visually separate us from the rest. One of the early layouts that didn't go into action. Firstly, they were afraid that not everyone would understand, and secondly, they refused outdoor advertising because of its inefficiency. Don't be afraid to pay for “air” in the form of white fields, a pause between radio clips, etc. Separating yourself from others is one of the important tasks.

Concentrate on the main thing

Concentrate on the product or benefit, there should be one powerful message. If you try to put everything into advertising at once, bury your money with honors. Focus on the product or benefit. There should be one powerful message. It should be clear and simple (to a certain extent). There are examples when a price list of 20 items with prices is placed on a banner above a high-speed road. An example of a creative in the form of native advertising. But there was a goal to increase awareness and get photos in social networks. If you make a video for the advertising festival, you will also burn your money. After all, only large companies can afford things to improve their image. As a rule, cool, funny and creative examples of advertising are not selling. But there are pleasant exceptions :)

Give a good benefit

According to our statistics, advertising that tells about a good profit is the most effective. Promising people a 1.5% discount every eighth Monday of the year is pointless. Make people a favorable offer and they will respond. For example, an effective message is a second pizza as a gift, which works almost 100%.

Get rid of unnecessary elements

Nothing should distract from your main message. Therefore, social network icons, e–mail, directions - throw it all out from the main pages of your layouts. Most often, you only have a few seconds to reach a person with your advertising. And it's a sin to fill his head with unnecessary information.

Evaluate the result

Always evaluate the result of your advertising campaigns. Keep statistics on efficiency, discard inefficient channels, and put pressure on effective ones. Read more about how you can evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising in one of the following posts.