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Julia Shamova


Instagram without mistakes. New algorithms

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Dead souls

I'll start with the most common mistake of many. Usually everyone is chasing numbers and wants to get as many subscribers as possible at any cost. But those who are professionally engaged in promotion know that the number of subscribers is less and less important for one simple reason: content is now shown according to algorithms, and they are quite tricky. In this regard, a smaller percentage of your real subscribers will see your posts if they do not work on content, but buy followers. Now there are a lot of accounts that have 10,000 or 20,000 subscribers, but at the same time there are very few likes and negligibly small coverage. In fact, all these "thousands" are a completely dead, harmful asset that prevents normal progress. They are associated with all kinds of cheating, twisting and other things that have nothing to do with marketing. And it's more like cheating and cheating. And deceiving ourselves! But, finally, justice began to triumph and the good times for those who cheated and cheated are over. The algorithm works in such a way that everyone who bought subscribers and did various cheating, without delving into any details, found themselves in a not the most enviable position. How to promote your account competently, effectively and "honestly"?

Analyze it

First of all, you need to connect business analytics, thanks to which you will see the real coverage of the post, how many people have saved your post: that's what you should always focus on. By the way, the number of saved posts has a good effect on future coverage. In general, Instagram has changed its algorithm just in order to weed out all those who are trying to cheat, and reward those who work honestly on content.

Golden words

The number of comments under the post is also important. At the same time, comments that come from spam accounts and bots do not affect anything. So the lines “Wonderful photo”, “Beautiful” and all sorts of loving cats are no longer counted! Therefore, friends, we need to learn how to build complete sentences again and go from emojis to normal human language. If there are at least four words in the comment, your post will start to accelerate. Such a comment becomes much more important – it means that people want to share their observation. This is how serious content turns out – and the post is rewarded with additional coverage.

Dear editors...

did you know that if you edit a post within 24 hours, its coverage collapses? Personally, it is not very clear to me why people who, having found a typo in their text, decided to correct it should suffer... But alas and ah, things are exactly like that. Therefore, I strongly advise you to check the text three times before posting. By the way, if you published a post, then deleted it, then published it again, this manipulation also reduces the coverage to almost zero.

Without further ado

It is better to use a photo without text, since algorithms underestimate the coverage of posts with texts in pictures. Many people like to publish photos with text and logo printed on them. But there's an ambush again: photos with a logo on them, especially if this is in every post, always have a smaller coverage. Pay attention to this. Don't you already have an account name and a round avatar? So why remind followers once again about who you are and what you are? It is best to use a "clean" photo, without text, since algorithms underestimate the coverage of posts with texts in pictures. But when you upload videos with texts, the algorithm does not take them into account, and the coverage of the post increases, because this is a video. Therefore, I recommend creating as much video content as possible.

Hashtags: instructions for use

Algorithm changes are not in the hands of fans of sculpting "sheets" from hashtags. Each additional hashtag reduces the reach many times! They are a strong reducing factor. Don't you believe it? Try posting posts without hashtags for a week, see how the coverage of your posts has become, and draw conclusions. Maybe you think that new customers come to you using hashtags? I'm afraid I'll upset you here too: it's a drop in the bucket. If someone says that they found you by hashtag, then this is at best 2% of the entire audience But still hashtags can work. No wonder they were invented! Let me tell you how this happens and what needs to be done for this. First, you need to create your own unique hashtag, you can even have several under different headings, so that people can subscribe only to certain posts and see, for example, only promotional offers or useful news. So a person may not subscribe to your account, but be aware of your news, because they will be shown in his feed. Secondly, it is good to use hashtags that are created for events taking place in your city. Photo reports are often made at such events, which are posted on social networks with the corresponding hashtags. If they suit you by subject and audience, you can specify them under the posts. Visitors and participants of events in search of photos in which they lit up can see your post, and if it is interesting, stop at it and maybe even subscribe to your account.

How much to hang in grams?

Now let's focus on the number and frequency of posts. Very often, clients are asked to publish almost five posts a day. The question is, why? And most importantly, about what? Do you know what they answer? "Just wish users a good morning sometimes" or "Tell us that our employee likes to eat cottage cheese in the morning." Um... who cares? In fact, two, a maximum of five posts per week are enough. But useful or entertaining!

Do you have recommendations?

The "recommendations" show what your friends like most often, so it's useless to order likes on like farms. You understand why, don't you? Let's say 300 Malaysian schoolgirls and 200 teenagers from Uzbekistan have clicked through your posts. What will happen? That's right: your post will be included in the recommendations for those with whom Malaysian and Uzbek schoolchildren are friends. Elementary, Watson!

And the clock is ticking

Publication time is becoming less and less important. Someone goes to Instagram very often, for example, every hour – they will be shown the top for an hour. Someone comes in once a month and sees, respectively, the top for the month. And these are completely different publication tops. Surely you've noticed that sometimes you see a friend's post that was published, say, two days ago? Now you understand that the placement time is not important! If earlier it was possible to determine the "correct" hour and day of the week when publishing, now publish at least at 4 am, there will still be normal coverage and a sufficient number of likes, the main thing is the quality of the post itself.

Time for entertaining stories

On Instagram, three out of five users regularly watch stories. Accordingly, if the story is not published, a significant part of the coverage is lost. But it's easy, fast and fun to create "stories"! In addition, if users react to your stories (click on the transition to the group, click on stickers, answer questions, write to yandex. direct), then the coverage of ordinary posts also increases! And to fix the situation with cheating and hashtags, start posting as many short videos as possible – and gradually the coverage of your posts will increase.

I see the goal

And (here's the most important thing) to increase coverage and for sales, use targeted advertising that is aimed specifically at the target audience. Instagram Facebook and Instagram reward you for this If targeted advertising is done very well and people respond to it: wow, you're doing great, you have a great result, here's more coverage for you! :)

Let's summarize

Do not use services to cheat likes, comments, subscribers. Connect business analytics. Communicate with your audience: it is important that people write comments consisting of four or more words and save your posts in bookmarks. Do not edit posts, carefully check the text and photos before posting. Don't put a lot of text and logo on the photo, it's best to use a clean photo or video. You don't need to post very often: preferably two or three a week, but very high–quality. There is no need to think about the publication time, it is better to think about good content. Use a story. By the way, you can publish at least 10 of them a day. Use targeted advertising. Here there is a good educational program on it.