Julia Shamova

Julia Shamova


Cafe. Instructions for promotion.

Монтажная область 322 (5).png 25.10.2023

Promotion of the Georgian street food cafe in Ufa by our creative agency MADSEVEN.

Task from the client.

With the help of social networks to attract the attention of Ufa residents to the opening of a new Georgian street food cafe "Nino and Kote". Advertising budget = 11,000 rubles. The term is 1 month.

What did we rely on?

In our experience, 2 components are necessary for the successful launch of new establishments in the city: To maximize the interest of potential guests even BEFORE the opening – to show photos of the hospitable hosts, the interior (the more eye-catching details, the better), to tell some legends about the cuisine that you can try here, etc. A profitable promotion for customers in honor of the opening of the institution.

Then you need to pack it all together with good texts, publish content and target it to the "right" people – and then everything will work out!

What did we do and what did we work hard on?

Instagram Facebook and Instagram community creation and design. Creating and publishing high-quality content. Instagram Facebook and Instagram targeted advertising to attract subscribers and guests to the pages of the institution. Joint development of a promotional offer for the first guests in honor of the opening, the launch of this offer directly on social networks.

Results in numbers:

First post: contest before opening. Spent: $81.82, Coverage: 11,432, Subscribers: 560. I want khachapuri Organic coverage of the post (let me remind you, this is the very first post in the feed): Organic coverage of the post Post about the imminent opening. Visual: Hospitable hosts and delicious dishes in the interior.
Spent: $12.23, Coverage: 46,886, Subscribers: 407. Hospitable hosts and delicious dishes in the interior This post in the profile feed, without ads, also received organic coverage and brought subscribers – thanks to high audience engagement. And this is only the second post in the feed! Organic coverage of Post 2

As for the promotion in honor of the opening, we offered an option with a 50% discount to all guests who made a repost about the opening of the institution in their stories. ![Nino treats] (/uploads/Nino_ugoshhaet_39c3d882cc.jpg ) 2,293 reposts were made! Organic coverage of the post is 11,883, organic subscriptions – 1,021. Organic coverage of Post 3

We have also set up advertising: Budget: $70.08, Coverage (impressions): 9,314.

We are proud to share the results of the work!

For 1 month, 11,500 rubles were spent on advertising. At the same time, 67,623 people and 2,000 subscribers received coverage.

And the most important result:

we provided a full boarding facility in the first week after opening and stable traffic for several months ahead. Nino's Project&Kote was launched in January 2020 and will soon celebrate a year of successful work.