Julia Shamova

Julia Shamova


The place of SMM in business

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Frankly, I don't understand entrepreneurs who are skeptical about smm promotion. They believe that social networks are pure entertainment and there is no target audience for their product there (since businessmen themselves are not there). Yes, she's not there! But only until you start working on attracting it, building it up and becoming active.

Currently, Social media marketing (smm) is the most important tool in digital promotion. For large businesses, smm is good at attracting traffic to the site using targeted advertising, and for small businesses it is sometimes the only source of communication with a potential client at all.

Competent promotion in social networks provides businesses with coverage of the target audience, including a very narrow one. Smm increases engagement, builds loyalty of existing and potential customers. Here it is possible (and necessary!) build relationships with the client, gain his trust — communicate with the audience, receive and process feedback, let them feel that their attention is important to you. Tell us about promotions, contests and special offers — it's always interesting. However, it is important not to overdo it in any direction - an smm specialist should be scrupulous about the content.

Now people like to delve into internal processes — tell us in the posting how your product is created. For example, you bake bread — show that you use only natural products in production, that's why your bread is so unique, created with love. Or you create upholstered furniture — tell us how important it is to choose the material for furniture, because health often depends on it.

Entertainment content alone is already difficult to attract (and especially retain) the attention of the audience. If you have a commercial account, I recommend that you definitely use such themes:

  • advertising posts — after all, you created an account on a social network in order to sell!;
  • advantages of your company;
  • people who create your product (goods, services);
  • product production process;
  • honest customer reviews;
  • your customers in person (for example, you can take photo content from social networks of people who have marked your account or indicated the geometry; this is often practiced by restaurants with good effect) — such posts motivate subscribers to create content for you;
  • expert posts — share your personal entrepreneurial experience; such posts are difficult to find on the Internet, they are valuable and useful.

I will list the main advantages of promotion in social networks (this is not all!).

  • low cost of promotion and the ability to change settings and creatives in real time;
  • wide audience coverage;
  • attracting additional traffic to the site and new customers to points of sale/stores;
  • increase customer loyalty and brand awareness;
  • increasing sales.

Let's sum up — do not ignore the trends! Today, social networks are a very important tool in promotion. And with the right approach, smm can become the only and inexpensive source of attracting customers.