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Methods of effective work in instagram

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##1. Commenting The essence of this method is as follows: you need to look for thematic accounts, bloggers, where your potential customers already exist and on a regular basis (this is important) start commenting on posts. You can start to "get smart" in the comments, and thus attract attention to your account. But there are rules: do not spam, write interesting funny comments on the topic of the post, do not enter into a confrontation with the author of the post – firstly, it is ugly, and secondly, if you show your mind, it is better to supplement the post with advice, and not to throw mud at the author.

2. Networking

"NETWORKING" (useful links). In our case, "networking" is when you don't have big advertising budgets, but you personally know a lot of people and keep in touch with them. Offline networking is when we go to an event where there are our potential customers, and there we make useful acquaintances. And online: we are looking for an Internet platform where our target audience is maximally concentrated. These may be related thematic blogs or competitor accounts – here we are interested in the people present at these sites. Our task is to show ourselves and our project to as many people as possible. We implement the task through subscriptions, likes, comments, answers to stories and communication in yandex.direct. I repeat an important rule from the last post – the main thing is not to spam and not to be confused with massfollowing! If you spam, Instagram will ban you. Our tool is exactly acquaintance and communication, the way you would do it in real life. If you want to be perceived as an adequate person, I recommend not subscribing to more than 10 people at a time. After subscribing, be sure to put a few likes on different posts and write a comment under the photo post, if appropriate. The key point is that we don't write for the sake of writing! It is we who communicate and communicate. Such approaches can be 2-3 per day, based on your free time. Important! After a few likes and comments, you don't need to unsubscribe from people right away – continue interacting with them for a week (likes, comments, reactions to their stories, messages to yandex.direct – build an Instagram friendship with them). If there is no response after a week of your attention, only then you can delete the account from subscriptions. It is also important not to exceed the number of subscriptions of 1,500 people. And then – again in a circle. Remember! In promotion, it is not the number of actions that is important, but their quality. ##3. Hashtags Hashtags are not so simple, since not all areas of business can be effectively promoted with their help. The previous two methods of promotion were more universal. I'll make a reservation right away – you are unlikely to be able to find the right set of tags the first time. They will need to be selected and analyzed for a certain time. Tags can be high-frequency and low-frequency. High–frequency hashtags are the ones that people are looking for more and more often. According to them, it is very difficult to get into the TOP, since in the search the publication quickly falls down the output. Therefore, I recommend using mid-frequency and low-frequency tags. The number of people looking for a service or product using such tags is much smaller, but it is cleaner traffic and more targeted people. Plus, they make it easier to get into the TOP of the output, and you will also sit longer in the "recent publications" section, High frequency request: Organizationswadeb, Mid-frequency query: Organizationswadebmoscow Low-frequency request: Organizationswadebvmoscow To choose the right tags, you need to understand what queries potential customers may be looking for you. The Yandex Wordstat service is suitable for this – you can enter a target query in it and assess interest in it, as well as choose more appropriate combinations of phrases. Then you drive these hashtags into the Instagram search and it gives you similar combinations of tags, you follow them and select your target ones. Do the same with related queries – first wordstat, then instagram. Example of related tags: your related queries are wedding photos of Moscow, wedding photos of Moscow are what your target audience can search for. Another tip! There is no need to publish 30 hashtags under the post (this, by the way, is an acceptable maximum) – I recommend no more than five per post. And constantly change them so that they do not repeat themselves – after all, Instagram for frequently repeating hashtags can throw you into a shadow ban and you will disappear from the issue by tags.

4. Geometries

This is a fairly simple tool, but many still manage to use it crookedly. The main rule is that when launching a promotion in the advertising cabinet, be sure to specify the geo where your target audience is concentrated, and not the place where you personally like it. Why, when posting an advertising post, do you indicate geometries at random or those that you liked?! For example, you have a beauty salon and it is geographically located in Khimki. And you put the geometry "Business center "Moscow City". This is a mistake – don't do that! It is better to put in geo what is closer – it is the L. N. Tolstoy Park of Culture and Recreation or Khimki Business Park, because your potential customers walk and live in Khimki. If you have business services, you can set geolocation "BC "Moscow City", but I remind you that tags and geometries are not suitable for all businesses. You need to know your target audience and understand how it behaves, what it pays attention to, whether it will perceive information from you in this form, and most importantly, also buy. Hashtag and geotag recommendations are not universal promotion tools, it is very important to carefully analyze your target audience and its behavior first. A simple example is that I can study the nearest beauty salons by tags and geo, but I will not look for, for example, a psychologist – in this case I will apply for recommendations.

5. Mutual support

Mutual promotion is always based on mutual benefit! To launch mutual PR, you need to find partners – profiles that are similar to you in terms of the number of subscribers, by subject. They can also be profiles with related topics, or competitors (if geography allows you and you don't particularly overlap with them). Next, you need to agree on the format of mutual promotion – it can be a story, a post in the feed or a live broadcast. In practice, live broadcasts or stories work best – firstly, they are not saved and subscribers will not postpone viewing, but will do it "here and now", so such formats are effective. Secondly, the most loyal subscribers watch the broadcasts and stories, and they are more likely to switch to the profile recommended by you and your partner and subscribe to it. Working examples! You are wedding organizers – conduct a joint broadcast with a photographer who specializes in wedding photo shoots. It's simple – you have a similar audience, you exchange subscribers and both win at the same time. You help each other earn money! An important moment! When you write a proposal for mutual support to another person, first of all you should think about his interests. You need to talk less about yourself, and more about what he will get. Identify its benefits – then you will definitely get consent for mutual promotion!

6. Profile optimization for search results

Our task is to make sure that when searching on Instagram, we come out on the first line. However, there are no clear guarantees that your profile will fall under the issue of Instagram – after all, it is influenced by a lot of factors: the number of subscribers, your ER index (Engagement Rate – shows engagement in the profile), the degree of interaction of subscribers with other accounts, and so on. However, there are several points, by applying which, you will greatly increase the chances of getting into the Instagram search feed! Let's look at a concrete example. We are wedding organizers and we want to be on the first line in the Instagram search results. What will help us? Firstly, this is a login. An opganizaciya_svadeb login would be a good login for our account – it is easy to read, 100% reflects the essence of the business account and does not contain incomprehensible combinations of letters and numbers. But unfortunately this is not possible, we leave your login. The second item is the profile description. The description should also contain your key query, i.e. "Wedding organization". The third is your posts. When forming the list of issues, Instagram takes into account the topics of posts, as well as what you write in your posts – they must contain the request "Wedding Organization" (i.e. this phrase must be present in the text). Fourth– hashtags affect the output! As you probably already guessed – in publications you need to put the tag "Wedding organization".

7. Optimization

SMO. Social Media Optimization – optimization of your external platforms for your social networks. In simple words – you have a website, and you must indicate a link to your Instagram account on it. Or you have your own YouTube channel - then in the description under the video you also invite to subscribe to you in insta. In this case, the main thing is to use the call! A specific example is on my work site mad7.ru Instagram has a link to my personal Instagram account in the "Team" section, and when I write articles for a blog, I definitely invite you to subscribe to me on Instagram. And in the header of my insta profile there is a link to my YouTube channel, where you can go and watch my useful videos. Now almost every entrepreneur has his own website on which advertising of goods and services calls for purchase, but not all visitors to the site leave their contact details and, moreover, make a purchase. Here, social networks help, where you can warm up the client and bring him to the purchase. Therefore, it is very important to link your external platforms and social networks. important! When you invite people from a website or YouTube channel to subscribe to you on instagram, you must definitely prescribe why they should do it, what benefit or benefit they will receive. This moment needs to be carefully thought out! Perhaps you periodically publish useful posts or often have interesting promotional offers? For example, I write that in my Instagram account people learn a lot of useful information on promotion in social networks.