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Julia Shamova


Creating an Instagram account

article 2.jpg 25.10.2023

Profile is a business card of the company in social networks. Users must evaluate the appearance of the account when deciding on a subscription. And they do it with a cursory glance, in a few seconds. Therefore, the profile should be attractive, convenient, informative and catchy.

What does it all mean? Firstly, you should be easy to find in the search bar — by name, by keywords. Secondly, a potential subscriber should immediately understand the subject of the account. Next, the person evaluates whether he can quickly place an order or ask a clarifying question — take care of it. And also — all sections of the profile (avatar, highlights, pictures in the feed) must be in the same style and in high-quality resolution.

Let's look at each element of the profile in more detail.


Nickname / nickname / nickname — the name of the profile in Latin, assigned when registering an account. How to choose the right nickname? Remember three rules: it must be unique, reflect the essence of the profile and be no longer than 30 characters.

For example, you are a coach. Then I recommend using the word coach in the nickname, and then you can write your first or last name. Companies — the name of the company must be written in the name of the profile. By the way, you will not be able to register and use a nickname that is already on Instagram (occupied by another user).

What we don't write in nickname: symbols and punctuation marks; a lot of letters (difficult to perceive and remember); several vowels in a row; the beginning is similar to the competitors.

The next element of the profile is the header. It consists of an avatar, an account name and a description. Studying the cap, the "viewer" should understand the subject of the account — children's clothing, pets, construction, etc. If a potential subscriber does not understand what services and goods can be bought here, the probability of "passing by and going into the sunset" tends to 100%.


Companies and brands are recommended to place a logo on the avatar — so users will understand whose page they are on. If the profile belongs to a nano- or microbusiness, choose a clear photo of the product for the main photo of the page. For example, a pastry chef should post a photo of a cake or some dessert. If you are creating an account for a personal brand or blogger, you need to put his personal photo on the avatar up to his chest or waist. The photo should be clear and contrasting. When making an avatar, it is not recommended to use: fuzzy, dark images; full-length photo; small unreadable font on the logo; light letters on a white background, dark letters on a dark background; stock photos; many products in one photo.

Account name.

The name is located on the first line in the profile description. Name ≠ nickname, it's important. The length of the name is limited to 30 characters. It is indexed by the system (the user can find you through the search), and it must be used — write keywords in the name. Important! — do not duplicate the Latin name of the company if it is indicated in the nickname. For example, a company from Moscow is engaged in laptop repair — we write in the name "Laptop Repair, Moscow". If we promote a personal brand, you can specify a surname, first name, profession in the account name.

Profile description.

In the Instagram settings, this field is called "About me". The block is also limited in length — 150 characters. If you want to make additional information more interesting and be more friendly — use emojis. So, in the profile description we write clarifying information: city; operating mode, if there is an offline point; communication methods — phone, messengers, e-mail; website (if there is one); place a call to action above the link, for example, "Go to the website"; specify the terms of discounts and promotions; for example, if some discount or promotion is valid only on the website - specify "Find out about the discount on the website"; list of services or product categories; offer — for example, "We will deliver pizza in 30 minutes", "Order 3 pairs of shoes for the price of 2", etc.; information about payment and delivery terms. You can specify one link in the Instagram header. Therefore, if you have several sites or links to go from the page (as an option — the ability to write to messengers), use multilink services (for example, Taplink).

Storis icons.

The design of eternal stories (highlights). In this block, you can place a price list, class schedule, customer reviews, detailed information about a specific product or service. For each story, you need to design a cover and give a clear name. The design of images in the feed and storis. An attractive design of the feed is more likely to "hook" new visitors to the Instagram profile. To do this, I recommend posting all the pictures in the same style, choose and stick to the main colors and profile elements. All this should be associated with the theme of the account, be in tune with the avatar and highlights covers. To make the account feed look harmonious, I recommend: apply one filter for all images; take photos from one angle or alternate them; use the same font for all the labels on the pictures. The stories should be decorated in the same style and color scheme as the other elements of the profile. For example, if the pictures of posts and highlights covers are drawn in pastel colors, it is not necessary to design the story in black and white or blood red.

Remember the main thing!

In order to make an attractive Instagram profile, you need to do preliminary work: come up with a logo, determine the main colors and elements in the images. Think over the design of the header: choose a name and an offer, check the available nicknames, determine whether you need to use the multilink service and UTM tags. Don't be afraid to experiment — write different offers and calls to action, design the feed and stories in an original way. Just don't forget to analyze all the changes — track the number of clicks to the site in case of replacing the call to action above the link or the number of subscriptions after updating the design.