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Features of targeted advertising

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What is targeted advertising, what features does it have, how do we do it and how best to use such advertising to promote business. If you suddenly hear the concept of "targeted advertising" for the first time, then this is a type of advertising that is aimed at certain interests of the target audience. As a rule, such advertising is placed on social networks: Facebook Instagram, VKontakte, and Odnoklassniki. What is her algorithm of work? So, everything happens as follows. In order to determine the audience that is interested in a particular product or service, we conduct an initial analysis, collect information. It is advisable to survey your real clients before starting: find out the age, gender, area of residence, hobbies, and you should also include individual questions related to your activities in the questionnaire. It is very important to know your target audience, since targeting specifically targets a certain group of users of social networks. Successful advertising depends on how accurately you have identified the target audience, and on how interesting the ad is. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the advertising campaign very thoroughly: to understand who exactly needs this product or service, to solve what problem. It is important to find and test different "pains" to identify what catches the most. What are the features of targeted advertising?

Targeted advertising is mainly aimed at generating demand Unlike contextual advertising, where the customer is already looking for a product or service and is ready to buy, the audience on social networks is relaxed, users come here to find out news, look through photos of friends, see images and videos. In other words, social networks are mostly used for recreation, which is why so-called "cold" customers are here: in order for advertising to work, you need to create a high-quality advertising creative that will attract attention. And it is very important where the traffic will go: for example, the landing page should be selling, pleasant to look at and trustworthy.

Different sites – different approach

This is the key to a successful advertising campaign, as each social network has its own characteristics. Something will be sold with a bang on Instagram, something on Facebook. And it is important, as we have already said, to choose the right target audience. In general, a test period is required to see which audience responds better to advertising, and, in the future, based on this data, plan a budget. Continuous monitoring and configuration Many people launch an advertising campaign and do not monitor it. But it is important to check which ads work and which ones should be disabled, change the advertising messages and analyze. You also need to monitor the budget and the cost of the lead. In addition, this area is developing dynamically and it should be constantly studied.

Good creative

When an advertising campaign is well developed, there is a high probability that the advertising post will not only be noticed, but will also be clicked on. So you can use graphic images. Only you need to choose high-quality photos and write good selling texts that can arouse interest. Pay attention to the design. A high-quality and stylish picture causes more confidence. Since the audience is "cold" in social networks, it needs to be somehow motivated and interested in clicking on the ad.

High-quality website

You need to check whether the analytics system is installed on the site, evaluate how good the site is in terms of sales. There is another feature of targeted advertising – it is mainly aimed at spontaneous purchases, usually in the amount of up to 3000 rubles. If you sell some expensive things (from 10,000 rubles), it is important to invite users first to the community (public) and then there to warm up interest in buying. Therefore, it is necessary to post materials that motivate cooperation – in this case, the client gradually decides to make a purchase.

Don't forget about SMM

Since targeted advertising is placed on social networks and is closely linked to your accounts, pay attention to their management. Fill them with content, post contact details and regularly respond to requests in private messages. Nuances of targeted advertising As we have already said, advertising on social networks is perceived differently than on other sites, therefore, the approach to its formation should be different. Social networks are the personal space of a modern person and it is necessary to invade it with caution so as not to cause rejection. At the same time, it is easier to attract attention in social networks, since advertising is natively embedded in news feeds and bypasses advertising filters formed in people's heads, under the action of which, for example, any banner advertising falls. Don't forget about retargeting tools that allow you to re-interact with people who have responded to your ad. Such people can make a special offer that other users will not see. If you set up targeted advertising correctly, you can attract a client at a lower cost than with Yandex.Yandex. Direct", because Yandex has an overheated auction, many products are unprofitable in terms of costs. Therefore, you need to try to promote your services on Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte and test everything. In general, attracting customers can cost up to 500 rubles. As in any responsible business, a competent approach is important here. And if you need professional, expert help in developing an advertising campaign and setting up targeted advertising, please contact us! We will advise and set the right vector for your advertising, and if necessary, we will fully promote your products or services.