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Julia Shamova


Why is your website worth so much?

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To form the price, the customer must (exactly must!) fill out the terms of reference in as much detail as possible. In our case, the TOR is a document on which the entire development process will be based. It contains unique information about your future site: what content we will post, what chips we will implement, with what systems and services we will integrate, etc.

And now an important question! Do you think one person can make a website "from A to Z" at a high professional level?

Unfortunately, many are sure that the answer is yes. They believe that the developer, as a universal soldier, is both a fighter, a reaper, and a gambler on the duda. But it's not!

A simple example: you are studying at school, and you have 10-15 subjects. Imagine that a physical education teacher also teaches you English, geometry, physics, while doing school accounting and recruiting first-graders for preparatory courses. If this happens, this is an exception, but in this case your level of competence of the teacher will be appropriate.

Similarly, a freelancer cannot be a generalist. In fact, he is either a designer or a programmer, a layout designer, a specialist in seo promotion, contextual advertising, etc. If he does everything at once, his knowledge is rather superficial, and the result of the work will be the same. Want a mediocre website? It's up to you.

And now to the main question. How is the price of the site formed? The answer is quite simple — it all depends on the level of complexity of the technical task.

5 stages of website creation:

  • development of the site structure;
  • prototyping;
  • several conceptual design options;
  • layout and animation settings;
  • programming.

We wrote in detail about the development of the structure in a separate article


Website is the face and representative of your company on the Internet. It is seen, including by those who "didn't know about your business before." And the development of the concept of the future site will just help to visualize what message the visitor considers it, whether the person has understood the value of your product.

Therefore, if the site is created without a prototype, starting immediately with the design, most likely, the agency or freelancer did not conduct a preliminary analysis. Have not worked out your target audience, have not studied competitors, their chips and weaknesses, etc. Don't skip prototyping!

Conceptual design

If your company has a logo and a developed corporate identity, the website design is developed on their basis. If there is nothing like that, we ask you to fill out a brief with design suggestions.

And what increases the cost of a design layout? Special detailed elements: icons, illustrations, animation, special effects. Photo processing (retouching, etc.), and if necessary, the organization of a photo shoot. And the price is also influenced by the volume of content and the number of pages of the future site. It is very important that the content is unique, because it affects the SEO promotion of your portal. We help to fill the site with texts, photos, articles; plus, we check all this for uniqueness.

Remember that the design should be clear and pleasing to the eye — it should be done by a professional who is engaged only in design and is constantly developing in his competencies. After all, design is not only beauty, but also convenience. A specialist should understand UX / UI design, the main purpose of which is to bring the user's actions to some logical point, for example, to "sell" a product or service through the interface. It is based on the work of the UX / UI designer that your potential client on the site makes a decision: like or dislike, buy or not buy?


The main rule of layout is that it should be:

  • valid, the validity of the code is the source code of the page, which must be written according to the rules of web standards and markup language prescribed in the W3C standard, an organization engaged in the development of HTML codes;
  • cross—browser - capable of displaying the same in all browsers;
  • adaptive — automatically adjusts to the size and orientation of the screen of any device, and the design varies depending on the user's actions.

The cost will also be affected by the introduction of additional effects on the site: pop-up elements, various animations, etc., as this increases the amount of work hours of specialists.


The filling and functionality of the site are different. Need to insert a calculator? — the cost of development will increase. If you want to synchronize with a special service or system, for example, with 1C or some CRM system, this is also an additional cost. The more complex the functionality of the site, the more expensive the cost of the programming stage.

Let's summarize! Do you want your website to be developed at a high level: have a nice modern design, high-quality layout, work correctly, without errors and bugs, have the functionality that your business needs specifically? Invest in it — order from a professional agency. And its cost will be equal to all your wishes. :)

I hope the article was useful, and now you know what to ask the performer to get the perfect end result.