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Julia Shamova


Useful and not so useful tips for account promotion

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Many people want to be popular on social networks. You just need to make a little effort, turn on your imagination and study the promotion tools. Let's see what SMM experts advise on this and whether all their "secrets" really work.

Create quality content

Filling your profile: texts, videos, photos, stories are very important. In fact, the content is the base on which the promotion is already being configured. But by itself, the presence of a professional visual or ironed texts does not lead to an increase in subscribers. Even the most beautiful posts need advertising. Perhaps someone will share your publications on emotions, but this is too long a way of promotion for a narrow circle of people.

Organize mutual PR

That's what really works. This is a simple and most importantly free way to get new subscribers. You need to find like—minded people - accounts similar to yours, with a similar target audience. Conduct joint live broadcasts, write guest posts, recommend each other to stories. Just do not forget about sincerity: tell on your page only about those blogs that you really like.

Use mutual likes and cheat services

This is a trap, after which the moderators can block the account. Basically, such services wind up bots. They cannot comment on your posts as a lively and interested person. The presence of bots spoils the statistics: there are a lot of subscribers, and the reach and engagement of the audience are low. All this leads to the fact that the blog is attributed to spammers or fake. Publications sink to the very bottom of the tape, where no one has the patience to scroll through. This can also include masslaying and massfoloving. This shop has not been doing any good for 5 years.

Put hashtags

Hashtags work. If you use the “correct” tags, then they will also be visited. Spam tags include high-frequency tags. For example, 52.3 million posts are linked to the #love tag on Instagram, and 1.1 million to #lyubovmorkov.. , but according to the tag #lyubovkrodine, only 5000 publications are published. Guess which of the tags will display your post in recommendations faster and more accurately?

Comment and like bloggers

Labor-intensive and exhausting activity. It is necessary to read the post, get involved in the topic, come up with a witty comment, if possible, start a dialogue and switch attention to your person. It is impossible to spam and invite people in plain text. All this consumes a huge amount of time that can be spent on something effective - to study targeted advertising or write your post on a relevant topic. If you have a free relationship with time management, go ahead.

Post frequently and a lot

Very harmful advice. It is better to write one structured, intelligible post with a clear idea and complement it with a pleasant visual, than to create 10 aimless publications that will flood your reader's feed and cause nothing but irritation. Before laying out stories with a machine-gun burst, think about what exactly to lay out. Everything should have a meaning and an idea.

Design the header and pack the profile

Good advice, but it has nothing to do with promotion. By itself, the "bio" or, as we say, the "profile header" does not lead potential customers. A registered account only increases the conversion rate and increases the likelihood that people will subscribe to you. By the way, fixed stories will help to reveal the subject of the account, structure it, increase views — do not ignore this opportunity.

Launch targeted ads

Target — targeted advertising — should be in the first place. This is the most effective way to attract subscribers and promote your business on social networks. Make a beautiful advertising layout, prepare your profile (at least the last 9 posts should reflect the essence of the blog), identify your product and go ahead to master the advertising budget. Everything will work in a moment. The advice to set up targeted advertising is one of the most valuable when running social networks. However, it is better to approach this process prepared, since an incorrectly configured advertising campaign or an unattractive creative can lead to a "drain" of the budget.

Use other social networks

Today, integration and joint activities are our everything. Transfer your subscribers from one network to another. If you have YouTube or Tik Tok pumped, invite followers to subscribe to Instagram as well. This increases the loyalty of subscribers — you seem to immerse them in your life from different sides.

Choose one topic

The blog topic itself does not affect its promotion. One blog topic is good. For example, if you are a pastry chef online, then housewives and dessert lovers subscribe to you. At the same time, if you do not use the promotion tools, the number of subscribers will stagnate at the same level.

Come up with an original nickname

Just don't overdo it. It's good when people easily remember us, thanks to a light sonorous name, but this will not directly affect the promotion of the account.

Optimize the account name for search queries

This advice may work if your service is being searched for in the Instagram search. Most often people ask Yandex and Google. This should be checked before starting an advertising campaign, for example, through the Wordstat service.

Treat instagram like a business

Instagram is really a job. You need to understand that free methods of promoting a product or service don't really work. If you don't have a budget for this channel, it will be hard for you to promote your product on social networks.

Arrange challenges and contests for subscribers

If we ask a user to subscribe for some mercantile reasons, he will never be an active subscriber or an ambassador of your brand. He will sign up for material gain. These people come for a freebie — they don't need your content or your product. They need a one-time free promotion. But existing subscribers with the help of these techniques can and should be stimulated.

Promote your account through your personal brand

It's more about account packaging than about promotion. A personal brand must first be created and made popular. Then he will work for you through targeting or advertising from bloggers.

Order ads from bloggers

Such advertising works only if we buy it from honest bloggers with a similar audience to ours. Before starting a blogger's cooperation, it is necessary to check for cheating and request statistics. It is impossible to predict how much more profitable this is than the target. Everything will depend on the blogger himself and on how much our product and content are interesting to his audience.

When you come across an article about social media marketing or SMM training videos, pay attention to the publication date. The world does not stand still. Every day there are events that change the algorithms and methods of promoting blogs in social networks. A lot of tips that were effective yesterday are losing their relevance today Be smart and clever. Develop critical thinking and don't trust the first information you come across. Study several sources at once. Separate concepts and apply theory in practice.