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Targeted advertising on Instagram. Is everything simple?

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And yes and no. It all depends on what goals you set and what results you expect. Instagram Facebook Instagram There are two main approaches to setting up targeted advertising on instagram: promoting posts using the Instagram app for iOS or Android and setting up advertising campaigns through the Facebook advertising cabinet. Both approaches have their pros and cons, which will be discussed in this article. Next, we'll look at some rules that you need to follow when setting up. Let's go!

Promotion of posts in the app

Instagram has ceased to be just a social network and has long been a significant part of the modern world, which, of course, advertisers have also come to. In order to enable all users to create ads, the developers have integrated basic functionality for targeting into the capabilities of the smartphone application. By the way, it is this tool that many SMM agencies use, which say that they can, among other things, set up targeted advertising. Strictly speaking, this cannot be called a full-fledged promotion, therefore, if you order the setup of targeted advertising from third-party specialists, specify exactly how the target will be configured.

So, all you need to start promoting is to make your account a business account. This is done in the application settings. Go to settings, look for the account section and at the very bottom you will see the necessary item.

Conversion to the company's account .png
Conversion to the company's account .png

After you have transferred your personal account to the company's account and linked your bank card, you get access to publication statistics and the ability to create ads directly from the application. But, with significant limitations.

The very creation of an advertising campaign is the promotion of a post in your feed to a specified audience. Simply put, by setting up a promotion, you ensure that not only your subscribers see your post (and even then not everyone! Read more about the algorithmic feed in our other article), but also the people you choose using targeting tools.

When creating an advertising campaign, the system will offer you to choose one of your publications for promotion, or immediately create a new one, which will also appear in your feed. Then the destination is selected – profile, website or messages in direct.

After that, you will have to form an audience step by step and determine the campaign budget. To configure the audience, geotargeting, age, gender, and a list of interests for which the system will form an audience are available. You can also use automatic audience creation. In this scenario, you will need to trust instagram and hope for a miracle. A miracle will happen with a small probability. Firstly, the system will create an audience similar to your subscribers, but it's not a fact that this is what you need, because subscribers may not be targeted if you used cheating and mass-marketing. Secondly, with all the advancement of the advertising system, it will not be able to guess what goals you are pursuing in a particular advertising campaign.

Setting up an audience in the instagram app 1.png
Setting up an audience in the instagram app 1.png
                        <img data-manual-lazy src="" alt="Setting up an audience in the instagram2.png app">
                        <figcaption>Setting up an audience in the instagram2.png app</figcaption>

                        <img data-manual-lazy src="" alt="Setting up an audience in the instagram3.png app">
                        <figcaption>Setting up an audience in the instagram3.png app</figcaption>

                        <img data-manual-lazy src="" alt="Setting up an audience in the instagram4.png app">
                        <figcaption>Setting up an audience in the instagram4.png app</figcaption>

Setting up the budget comes down to choosing the amount of daily expenditure and the duration of the advertising campaign from 1 to 30 days.

Next, click the “Create a promotion” button and, voila, the advertisement starts working. The post is being promoted, money is being debited, and you can view statistics directly from the app.

It is almost impossible to determine exactly by which algorithms the promotion works, but the system will most often show ads to those people who are more likely to interact with your advertising. Therefore, the first few days of advertising will be trained and collect statistics on your audience, and then automatically optimize it.

Instagram Facebook account, however, has a significant plus - it allows you to create ads that will lead the user to the instagram profile, while setting up through the Facebook account requires the use of third-party services - deep links.

Frankly speaking, the same rule applies to the detailed setup of advertising through the facebook account, but there we have much more opportunities to interfere in the process, optimize the budget and filter the audience.

So, the conclusions on setting up advertising through the app:


Setting up ads in a few minutes

Does not require special skills and knowledge

Allows you to quickly and easily launch ads, trusting automation

You can advertise directly to your instagram profile


You can use posts from the feed as advertising

Poor targeting opportunities

Limited budget settings

It is not possible to change the settings during the advertising campaign

One campaign – one post

You cannot use deep settings, such as retargeting, exclusion of audiences

Limited statistics do not allow us to draw the right conclusions

Many tools are not available

Suitable for whom

For small companies and private accounts with a budget of up to 5000 rubles per month who want to set up advertising without the help of specialists. This way of setting up advertising may also be suitable for expanding coverage during small contests and giveaways.

Setting up advertising campaigns in the facebook advertising cabinet

Today we will put the setting of advertising through a facebook business account on the other side of the scale. Instagram Facebook is a social network owned by Facebook Corporation, and you can also use the interface of a business manager to set up advertising.

The first step in this difficult process is to create and configure a facebook business account. It is created at the address Moreover, the rule applies here: one user can create only one business account of the company and one personal business account. Thus, you will not be able to create business accounts for different pages, but you will be able to access the management of other accounts at the invitation of the owners. You need to select the page to which the account will be connected, or create a new one.

Next, in the settings, you need to connect an instagram account in the company settings section. All instagram accounts that you have access to will also be displayed here.

Linking an instagram account to an advertising account.png
Linking an instagram account to an advertising account.png

Here you can meet the first pitfalls. It happens that the account is already linked to some facebook page, in which case, you will have to perform a complex process of untying and re-linking through the smartphone application.

After you have completed linking your instagram account, we will be able to create an advertising account inside the business account in which your advertising will be configured.

One business account can have multiple advertising accounts. Their number is limited and depends on the age of your account and how actively you conduct advertising activities.

When creating an ad, you have several types of advertising campaigns aimed at solving various tasks.

Interface for creating an advertising campaign.png
Interface for creating an advertising campaign.png

You can drive traffic to your website, to special lead forms that are also created in the advertising cabinet, or promote existing publications. There are also several options aimed at increasing engagement, as well as advertising applications in the appstore and Google Play, or advertising aimed at sending messages to Facebook messenger.

When you first get acquainted with the company creation screen, your eyes run away, but after spending some time studying the capabilities of the system, you will be able to configure advertising as accurately and correctly as possible, based on the goals.

The audience formation interface makes it possible to specify geographical, demographic and detailed targeting by interests. All created audiences can be edited in a separate section and applied even to existing advertising campaigns. Also, using the Facebook pixel, you can collect and configure retargeting audiences.

Users can also be filtered by device type, screen size, and operating system. Audience Formation.png Ad Campaign Structure.png

All advertising can be divided into advertising campaigns, ad groups and ads. The budget can be planned both at the ad group level and at the campaign level.

Facebook Instagram allows you to place ads not only on instagram, but also on Facebook, as well as in the audience network partner network and in applications. Reporting Interface.png

You can analyze all advertising campaigns in the reporting interface. Here all the data can be analyzed by dozens of parameters. For example, to determine the most effective placement and the most active groups of people. A thorough analysis of this data allows you to significantly improve the quality of targeting and improve targets, such as CPC, engagement, and ultimately, the price of leads.

Setting up an advertising campaign through a facebook business account will allow you to set up ads very flexibly and pointwise, and, ultimately, achieve better results. However, this method requires a sufficiently deep knowledge of marketing when developing advertising campaigns and requires a lot of time to study the principles of the system.


Extensive and deep settings of advertising campaigns

Large amount of data for analytics

Possibility of manual adjustment of any parameters


Complex configuration interface

Requires training in the principles of the system

It is impossible to advertise in a profile without using third-party services

Suitable for whom

For professional agencies working with large budgets and companies that have specialists in targeted advertising on staff.

About the most important thing

Even mastering all the subtleties and settings of advertising systems will not give you a guarantee of results, because the most important thing is a properly designed advertising campaign. Product positioning, pricing and promotional policy, high–quality and competent design of advertisements are only a small set of factors that affect the effectiveness of your advertising. Before starting the setup, draw the structure of your RC on paper, come up with several texts and advertising images that will work at the initial stage. Do not forget about the texts and headings of ads, which should be literate and attractive. Good luck!