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What is a landing page and what is it for

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What is a landing page?

Landing page translates from English as "landing page". Landing pages are created to sell a product or service. The advantage of landing is that people are maximally focused only on the information that you offer; the difference from a full-fledged site is in the absence of extraneous menus and links. For this reason, people do not follow other links, they have only one choice: either place an order or just leave. But why do they still leave landing pages? Most often because they do not understand what they are being offered, and most importantly, why they are being offered it. The usual landing page conversion is from 1% to 7% per order. One of the important tasks when creating a landing page is a beautiful and understandable graphic design of information. In the design of a landing page, it is important to emphasize and strengthen what you want to say with the help of graphic elements. These can be drawings, pictographs, special fonts and videos. These elements are designed to engage the visitor in exploring the content of your page.

Which blocks are desirable in the landing page?

First, home screen

This is what they see first of all when they get to the landing page. Ideally, a person receiving an answer on the first screen can immediately leave a request). To do this, you need to show the visitor what he was looking for. This also applies to the correct setting of contextual and targeted advertising. Therefore, in a prominent place, you need to place a noticeable title and a short and clear description of what you are offering. Also, the visitor should see advantages over competitors and, of course, contacts for communication.

Example: if your visitor needs to learn English, then write: "English in 20 days", if you need a refrigerator repair, then write: "Refrigerator repair in Ufa"; be sure to specify the location, since it is unlikely that a person will be lucky to repair a refrigerator in another city.

Next — blocks on trust. What blocks are needed for this:


Official achievements and works. If you have good jobs and iconic partners, make sure that people find out about them. The Artemy Lebedev studio has a section with works called "Our Everything", and this is not for nothing, because you are evaluated exactly by what you do. If you have a lot of work, then highlight the main ones or describe your achievements in numbers using infographics.

Example: 10 years on the market, more than 16,000 customers, 200 partners, 75% of customers become permanent, etc.


The main thing is that the reviews are real, the photo of the author of the review will also add value to them. Do not post non-existent reviews! This is usually seen at a glance, in addition, it can significantly affect your image in the future.

Stages of work

You describe each step: Step 1, Step 2, etc. It is better not to neglect this block, it is needed in order to show that every step of your work is thought out, calculated and verified. Thus, you increase the client's trust in you and your work We recommend placing the "Regalia" section immediately after the main block.

Need Creation block

Here you "warm up" the audience, and tell the visitor about why he needs your goods and services.

Example: After learning English with us, you will be able to get a job abroad and fulfill your dream! Don't throw away a good thing! We will prolong the life of your refrigerator and significantly save your money.

Dozhima block

In this block, you need to know the objections of customers and be able to work with them.Prescribe answers to questions that the client may have after everything he has read and seen before. It is necessary to prepare a list of 9...10 objections of potential customers and post an answer to them in the form of FAQ (frequently asked questions). In the last block, you can show your team or a specialist (for example, if it is a private photographer) to strengthen trust. Do not forget about the conversion buttons (buttons that call for you to submit a request). Visitors should be able to submit a request or contact you at any stage of acquaintance with your landing page.

The above scheme of the landing page is just one of many options. In the end, it is important whether the main task is solved - the sale of the product. It all depends on the flight of thought, imagination of marketers and designers. When a beautiful and correct landing page is ready, the next step is to bring visitors to it. About how to promote a landing page correctly.