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We are dispersing the landing page. Promotion in Yandex

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Many people use landing page as a landing page and promote it through contextual advertising (online advertising, the feature of it is that the ads on the sites are shown in accordance with user requests, which is placed in the search engines Yandex, Google and on partner sites), and rightly so, but we should not forget that Yandex.Yandex.Direct is a powerful SEO tool. Now we will talk about the tool from the Russian search engine, since similar tasks in Google Adwords are solved in several other ways. Working correctly and competently with queries, you can display a landing page for competitive queries, but it is better to start with low-frequency queries (queries that have a narrow focus and thus more accurately reflect the user's requirements).

What is needed for this?

The most important thing is to have a good conversion rate for your low-frequency queries. Conversion in this case means the ratio of the number of visitors who performed a target action on the landing page (for example, who left a request) to the total number of landing page visitors; it is expressed as a percentage. For example: 200 unique visitors visited your landing page per day, and 8 people left applications.. In this case, the conversion of visitors and buyers is 0.04 (8 applications / 200 visitors) * 100 % = 4%. It is the conversion that you need to work very hard on, as it will help you stay afloat at the initial stages and receive free traffic from Yandex search results. Therefore, it is very important that contextual advertising is configured correctly.

It is important to say about the traffic from social networks. Having gathered a high-quality and engaged audience in your social media accounts, direct it to your selling landing page. Of course, proper work in social networks is a very large-scale and important topic that requires a separate analysis.

Targeted advertising can be another powerful source of traffic for your landing page. Targeted advertising is text, media or multimedia advertising on social networks that is configured and shown only to the audience that you have chosen and that is necessary for the implementation of specific marketing objectives of your company. Of course, you also need to approach its configuration correctly and avoid low-quality traffic. The rejection rate (an indicator indicating the percentage of the number of visitors who immediately leave the site) should in no case exceed 18%.

The bounce rate for an ugly landing page, of course, will be higher. If the rejection rate is high, the Yandex search engine will consider that it makes no sense to give traffic to your landing page, since visitors leave it immediately after they have entered. The landing page design also affects the bounce rate. The bounce rate for an ugly landing page, of course, will be higher. It is important that the landing page is adaptive, but it is best to make a mobile version separately. A big plus of landing pages is that it is easy to introduce advanced layout technologies there, which are not always possible and appropriate to use on full-fledged sites. Do not neglect the loading speed of the landing page, this is also very important! Do not load it with heavy files, because if your page loads for a long time, it will significantly increase the failure rate.

Here are the four main components that make up the promotion of landing pages:

conversion; failure rate; availability of the mobile version; download speed.

We do not forget about the proper elaboration of semantics (this is a set of words and phrases that the landing page is moving along), and about technical optimization.

In order to be able to analyze and adjust your resource and advertising, be sure to install the Yandex.Metrica tool on the landing page.

If all of you take into account all these tips, you will soon be in good positions in the organic Yandex search results and thereby receive free traffic. This applies to low-frequency requests. You can also go to the top of the search for medium-frequency and high-frequency queries, but it will take more time, effort and money. If you have any questions, write, always in touch.

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